Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wheat-Free Living

Hey guys! So as we all no now I have been aiming for a more healthy life style. I have been eating a lot better and getting daily exercise in. However I just recently found some interesting information. This information is all about the secret harmful effects wheat food can cause on the body. It's not all about weight. Wheat has many other harmful effects to the body. So for this reason I have now officially cut wheat out of my diet!

I know this sounds crazy. Trust me I'm still upset about it. Everyone knows about how much I loved my whole wheat sandwiches and whole wheat and fruit toast in the morning. But this doesn't mean that I can't have all that. There are tons of product out there that are made wheat-free for those who have allergies to wheat. You can easily replace wheat products with those products. You can also look for recipes that will help you make it yourself.

If you guys would like to see 10 reasons to stop eating wheat watch the video down below made by Brenda Lee Turner. She has many more healthy-living videos that help you understand why things are bad for you and why they are good for you. Check out her youtube channel and website! I get a lot of inspiration and good quality information from her.

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