Thursday, October 25, 2012

Let's Talk Freshman 15

First off what is the Freshman fifteen? Well, it is a theory that all freshman that go to a university gain 15 pound their first year. Next question, why am I talking about it. The reason I am talking about it is because I have now been at Eastern Washington University for about a month and I see very clearly why there is this theory. I am also talking about it because it has been interfering with my daily-diet.  But I have also found ways around it.

So let's talk how you gain it. First thing I noticed is that everything I once ate back at home was not offered to me here. Not with my meal plan anyway. In order for me to eat healthy like I did at home I would be having to spend my hard earned cash on food. But why do that when I paid around a grand for food a quarter? The main reason for the freshman fifteen would be the food options. Everything here is food I would not even dare to look at. Burgers and fries, fried up pastas, giant sized burritos, sugar filled espresso drinks, and greasy breakfast sandwiches as far as the eye can see! Only healthy options I could see was plain lettuce and fruit. Yes fruit and lettuce are great, but you can't healthfully live by only eating them. Another reason for gaining the freshman fifteen would be vamping out and being lazy. It's not hard to be a total couch potato in college. Your dorm room isn't very big and if you wanted to you could lay there all day. You have no chores to do so why not. Either you sit in your room or take the elevator to your friends room to sit.

Now, how to avoid these problems. Let's tackle the first one, the problem of unhealthy food. Yes it is easy to fall into these temptations seeing as they are the only visible options. To eat healthy and use your meal plan it's going to take effort on your part. Most people, when trying to stay healthy, go for the salad. Only problem is that when ordering a salad it usually comes with a monstrous amount of fatty dressings. How to solve this problem, make a little side note on your order slip to leave the dressing off. You might be thinking ewww plain salad. Trust me if you ordered a bbq chicken salad, the chicken and all the other toppings such as peppers, black beans, corn, and tomatoes are going to be just as flavorful. You won't even know what you are missing. Also look for any signs that say "Gluten-free bread/pasta available upon request." Sometimes the healthy options aren't available in plain view.

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